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Alcohol is an enemy of sport ... even to the third half

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Alcohol is an enemy of sport ... even to the third half

Author: Dr St├ęphane Cascua, Marie-Pierre OLIVIERI

Source: From the book "Menus and Recipes of the sports' Editions Amphora

Alcohol blocks an enzyme called LDH as Lactate dehydrogenase. Looking at that name more closely you discover the action of the small chemical plant. LDH removes hydrogen to lactic acid. Remember, lactic acid is the substance that invades your muscles during intense efforts, causes burns and eventually block the production of energy. Clearly, alcohol prevents the elimination of the "toxin" muscle! Alcoholic beverages should be avoided before the sport! Even after the competition, it seriously disrupts the recovery by leaving the muscle swim in an acidic environment that damages the muscle fibers. These are denatured like the milk proteins which curdle in yoghurt under the influence of the lactic acid from the fermentation of lactose, milk sugar.

Nuisances alcohol does not stop there! It inhibits the production of a hormone that promotes water reabsorption in the kidney. Morality, you urinate too much and you dehydrate! If you drank alcohol before exercise, urinary losses are included in your sweat and seriously impair your performance. After the competition, if you drink a beer, the water in this beverage is less than what your kidney will blurt; the water balance is negative, your recovery is impaired!

Thus, in this book you will not find "menus and recipes" accompanied by alcoholic beverages. These have sometimes been added to some casseroles. In these circumstances, your sports body do you hold a grudge: the alcohol has evaporated, leaving only the flavors!

To order "Menus and Recipes of the sports'

Doctor St├ęphane CASCUA. - 22 f├ęvrier 2010.

Conflicts of interest: the author or authors have no conflicts of interest concerning the data published in this article.


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