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late season failure: recovery or regression?

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When the body stops to train, it regenerates! Unfortunately, it also loses its achievements. So what to do during the offseason? A short break for internationals does reveal enough?
Between league and Confederations Cup players of the team of France will benefit from about 2 to 15 days to recharge. She can Scientific studies tell us if this time is appropriate? Are these research that can guide them in their physical activity during the holidays?
Stop, it's regress!
The endurance, so useful to take 90 minutes, decrease quickly when idle. After 3 weeks of complete rest, the displacement of the engine or muscular V02 max decreased by almost 30%. Muscle sugar tank and decrease the energy available in the same proportions. The force remains fairly stable but the power drops rapidly. Clearly, the trigger is retained but the ability to extend or repeat sprints is reduced. Flexibility is quickly altered in the absence of stretching. In theory, the technical qualities persist. It is customary to say that the rudimentary motor patterns are stored long: you know cycling and swimming forever ... However, psychomotor reactions elaborate and collective perception of the game are so complex that they fade in some days.
Stop, this is progress!
After 5 to 10 days of complete rest, physical abilities are little changed. After 15 days of training reduction, studies show that performance improves dramatically! In disciplines where the competition are infrequent, marathon or triathlon, this relative recovery period always precedes great maturity. During these two weeks, the muscles are repaired, they manufacture new fibers, increasing their stocks of sugar and increasing the chemical structures for the burning of reserves. The glands accumulate again hormones used to build and energize the body. The brain replenished substances whose mission is to transmit information from neuron to neuron. Psychologically, that probably helps evacuate saturation!
In practice, what advice for the offseason?
A 15-day truce, like that of our international, seems well suited. Most extended outages may be responsible for a marked change in performance. During this period, complete rest is optional and should not exceed one week. Following the resumption of sport is essential. In moderation, physical activity does not tire a body accustomed to heavy training loads. Instead, it stimulates the regeneration of many mechanisms. It is especially important that maintain the physical skills regress rapidly, particularly endurance. The intensity cardiovascular work should be privileged over time. It is advisable to program 3 jogging per week for about 45 minutes, including 20 minutes, "the limit of breath." On the course, some ribs and direction changes are welcome. A little ball control and some juggling can quietly return to office. Finally, a comprehensive series of stretches concluded the session. Later, lying on his recliner, footballer can work its coordination and perception of the game through the "visualization". In this regime, the diligent practitioner quickly suffer from competition deficiency ... he will find the desire to play and win!
Fatigue promotes injury. Late in the season, after a trauma, a few days of complete rest are often welcome. Quickly, swimming, cycling or are beneficial cardio. A well proportioned solicitation guide the healing of the injured tissue. Working in endurance helps to limit stress on the injured area and allows maintenance of a physical quality that could decline quickly.
When doctors plaster leg of an athlete, they found that his muscles melting much faster than those of a sedentary. Studies show that an athlete sharpened quickly loses its physical qualities when it stops. Not surprising since many of his skills are learned in training. top-level footballers do not have the right to plenty of rest!

. - 9 février 2011.

Conflicts of interest: the author or authors have no conflicts of interest concerning the data published in this article.


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