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Overview of tendinitis

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Overview of tendinitis

Here are some guidelines that can be applied to almost all cases:

Or ?

The tendon is the intermediate part between the muscle and the bone. Schematically composed of 3 parts: the tendon-muscle junction; the body of the tendon and enthesitis (anchor point on the bone).
The three parties may be causing the problem. Another important element to mention: the bursa on which glides the tendon in action (kind of cushion pad) and can also be injured.


Tendinitis or tendon inflammation is due to abnormal stress on the tendon whether by its intensity during exercise or excessive exercise time.
The sole responsibility of tendonitis is ... the patient!

Who ?

Several cases encountered:

- Occasional sports who has not done any sport for several years or even decades and starts running every day to lose his excess weight in 15 days.

- The sportsman in the habit of regular activity but decided to step up his training for a competition or try a new sport.

Why ?

In all cases we routinely find one or more of the following:

* Warm-up failure before or stretching after training.
* Insufficient Hydration before, during (mandatory if the force exceeds 40 min) and after exercise.
* Inadequate technical gesture.
* Stress on the tendon with too short rest periods.
* Default equipment: snowshoeing or unsuitable shoes, worn soles, change of running surface, ...

These factors will cause an over load or friction charge of tendinitis.

Clinical signs

Clinically we will find progressively:

Localized pain appearing in mid-session, disappearing and reappearing in the effort to cold, especially at night and then the next morning with a time of "rusting" necessary for a return to normal and no pain during the day.

Then, the pain appears more and earlier in the year and lasts longer, faster reappears cold and morning stiffness period lengthens.

If the exercise is continued without changing anything, the pain should be discontinued sports more or less rapidly and may become permanent if the insomniante day.

Ultimately progressing to tendon rupture.

Support :

The sports rest and anti-inflammatory orally (swallowed) are NOT treating tendinitis !!!!

Treatment is based on understanding the problem and its elimination, if not the same causes leading to the same consequences you do not leave!

The best treatment is PREVENTION of tendinitis:

- Sufficient warm-up time and stretching at the end of sessions.
- Hydration !!! In case of dehydration of the body, the tendon is one of the first organs to be reach, so it quickly becomes less elastic and is a source of trouble.
- Equipment for your sport, your body and your athletic movements.

If tendinitis is installed:

* See paragraph above and look for the error or errors.
* Ease off on training. Especially on the specific action to cause tendonitis.
* Treat tendonitis:

- The timing and drink icing.
- The adaptation of equipment (shoes!).
- The physio for ultrasound, specific massages (MTP) or shock waves and for the rehabilitation of the sporting gesture if necessary.
- Mesotherapy.

Doctor Charles AISENBERG. - 4 juin 2010.

Conflicts of interest: the author or authors have no conflicts of interest concerning the data published in this article.


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