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Stress fracture: corrective insoles, a real plus!

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With the collaboration of Olivier TRIBUTE, podiatrist sports.

Attention! This is no shock absorbing soles, type "ready to wear" sold in stores. No, they are "haute couture", tailored to your injury and imperfections of your stride. They are made "to measure" by a podiatrist sports. He knows the injuries encountered in sports. It does not use cork or leather. It uses synthetic materials flexibility cleverly distributed, which tolerate sweat and mechanical stress.

In case of stress fracture, the soles reduce the stress on the broken bone. To limit the compression of the internal surface of the tibia when the heel lands on the ground, the podiatrist reduces the rocker heel outwards. For this, it often places the heel a small external terrain. When the foot rolls on the floor, do not block his rocker inwards but to control it. In order not to pull on the surface of the tibia, an arch support is frequently useful. In the jargon of podiatrists, this dynamic control during all phases of support is called "discharge chute."

Inserting too absorbing materials in the sole is not advised. Initially, their softness causes instability of the support from the opposite of the desired control. Later, they are bunched together quickly and become more binding.

In practice, the wearing of the sole is possible in everyday life during the consolidation period. It is essential in the months following the sports recovery. A distance when the fracture is not a bad memory, it is advisable to change them. Now, these new insoles are designed to prevent recurrences while limiting pressure on other structures of the musculoskeletal system. Often the relief is reduced and modified, they are mainly adapted to the aftermath of the rider.

, Olivier HOMAGE. - 6 f├ęvrier 2011.

Conflicts of interest: the author or authors have no conflicts of interest concerning the data published in this article.


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