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The wounded champions they resume faster?

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Why the high-level players more quickly resume after a trauma? If the existence of exceptional natural physical abilities must be considered, other hypotheses worth considering!

It is nature that gives the rhythm!

For all organs, there are an average recovery time. Ligament or muscle rupture heals in six weeks. A fracture totally consolidated in 3 months. Of course, beyond these orders of magnitude, there are few dependent variations include the location of the lesion. For the health of the player, the sports physician must be the fierce defender of these natural as possible! Yet it happens that some top athletes sow doubt about the beneficial influence of athletic ability!

He would champion a superman?

The effect of the genetic qualities of the performance is now demonstrated. One becomes champion thanks to his work but also with his talent! A professional footballer recovers faster its workouts. His aches disappear faster. So if the microscopic lesions of the muscles repair themselves more easily, why not imagine that the most serious injuries heal more easily? Always it is that prudence is still required. Frequently, a recovery of physical condition does not match the total healing. The recurrence or aggravation insidious threat! This is especially the case after treatment of a meniscal tear!

trained body! driven joints!

When a champion is training 15 to 20 hours a week, his knee made sport 15 to 20 hours per week. In case of trauma, it can rehabilitate its relationship much more intensely than an amateur. If you play football two hours on Wednesday and 2 pm on Sunday, your injured limb is unable to support a workload comparable to that of a professional footballer. If you try, your knee becomes painful, it swells ... it is overtraining. A more intensive rehabilitation perfectly assumed is one of the main assumptions supporting faster recovery among top athletes!

A careful medical monitoring and frequent!

Professional footballers have a medical staff specially trained in the care of athletes. Often the doctor is present every day. It regularly evaluates the state of healing. Just when developments permits, the injured is invited to accentuate his rehabilitation. As soon as possible, leaving the bike to run or he begins the lateral and the ball. If you have an appointment with your doctor within 15 days, you have to carefully wait on your bicycle. Nothing dramatic! On the contrary, avoiding unnecessary risks, you improve your physical condition.

And pressure!

Obviously, the key players for the tactics of the coach are highly demanded by the technical staff. Others are afraid of being forgotten and lost their place on the scoresheet! Some are close to "old ugly" to succeed tomorrow today! The club doctor must preserve the health capital of his proteges. He must explain the harmful effects of precipitation on performance. Sometimes its role is to take calculated risks with the informed consent of the footballer! Permanently, he did everything to the player a good season, a long career ... and then he continues to play sports with his children!

QUESTION: Taking a tackle on the calf, I felt a great relief throughout the leg. What is it about ?

On the outside of the leg passes a large nerve called "sciatica". When it is struck, it causes an electric current. This diffuse pain throughout the area for which it provides sensitivity. More commonly, the same phenomenon occurs when you bump your elbow. Usually this shock is inconsequential to the nerve. Rarely the doctor finds a lack of sensitivity and strength deficit in the muscles that depend on this nerve. A further assessment is needed.

THE COUNCIL: In winter, in training, it is recommended to wear gloves!

The cold and stress combine to bruise your hands! When the temperature is low, the body avoids putting the blood in contact with the outside. The vessels leading to the skin are closed. In the effort, the arteries heading to the muscles in action is fully open while those moving towards the extremities decreases caliber. Despite the heat produced by exercise, when playing football in the cold, your fingers do not get enough blood and skin deep. Put on gloves!

Doctor St├ęphane CASCUA. - 19 mars 2010.

Conflicts of interest: the author or authors have no conflicts of interest concerning the data published in this article.


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