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Warm-up exercise and réathlétisation: when prevention and performance do ONE

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The exercises are presented with their title, objective, target, duration and gestures to respect.
Some exercises, noted *, are to do with a partner.
The preparation of the device takes 10 minutes.
The technique is fundamental. Only a qualitative work can prevent injuries.
The right knee placement must be checked systematically.
Keep the axis hip / knee / ankle strictly aligned. It is essential to monitor the knee from collapsing inward or foot sweep outward.
Part 1: WARM = 3 minutes
A. Running between 2 lines (or between 2 blocks) - Duration: 30 '' - Low jogging pace.
B. Course shuffle - Duration: 30 '' - 60 '' - Knee slightly, change ends halfway through.
???????????????? C. rear race- Duration: 60 '' - 90 '' - Control of ground contact, focused knee locked.
Part 2: CAPACITY = 3 minutes
A. Walk forward slot - Duration: 60 '' - Knee focused, above ankle, visible toes of the front foot.
B. tibialis Nordic * Hamstring - Duration: 60 '' - 30 '' each side - knees, falling forward, blocked by the foot placed behind partner.
C. Climb tiptoe - Duration: 60 '' - 30 repetitions on each side - on one leg, knee bent opposite, getting on tiptoe.
Part 3: Plyometrics = 2 minutes
Use a stud (5 cm) or a line on the ground.
A. lateral jumps above plot - Duration: 30 '' - 2 '' up, then jump over the block, reception mastered flexed knee locked, and then jump back in the opposite direction.
B. Jumps Front / rear over a plot - Duration: 30 '' - Same principle, but skip forward and back, stay back knee flexed at the jump.
C. Jumping hopping over a plot - Duration 30 '- Departure and reception with the knee flexed.
D. Vertical Jump with whim - Duration 30 '' - jump on one leg, knee bent departure and reception, reception place tip to the heel.
E. scissor jump - Duration: 30 '' - 20 repetitions - slot out before, take a trip to meet up front slot on the other foot, knee locked, controlled reception.
4th part: AGILITY = 3 minutes
A. Race 3 before with no deceleration - Duration: 60 '' - Jul 1 block, sprint towards the second plot, not braking 3, knee bent, focused, controlling the deceleration / acceleration.
???????????????? B. Racing side diagonally - Duration: 60 '' - 3 passes - not driven race, alternating side to each stud.
C. Jump leaping - Duration: 60 '' - 40 meters - high knee flexed on the chest, insist on receiving tip, place the foot, knee bent "locked".
Part 5: STRETCHING = 5 minutes
This part can be performed after warming up or end of program.
Stretch gently and gradually to the point of tension and stay 30 seconds in the position. Do not make shots in. Breathe normally. Perform each exercise 2 times on each side.
A. Stretch the calves- Duration: 1 '- 2 repetitions of 15' 'for each side - Straight leg stretched forward, left leg bent back, lean the trunk forward.
B. Stretch Quadriceps * - Duration: 1 '- 2 repetitions of 15' 'for each side - Standing, take in hand the ankle, bring it to the buttock, keep the trunk straight and close to the opposite knee.
C. Stretching the hamstring hamstring "the hedge position of jumper" - Duration: 1 '- 2 repetitions of 15' 'for each side - the ground, left knee bent, right knee taut, lean your chest forward.
D. Stretch thigh adductors - Duration: 1 '- 2 repetitions of 10' 'for each side - Sitting on the floor. Extend the legs of both sides, knees straight. Lean the trunk forward.
E. Stretching the hip flexors - Duration: 1 '- 2 repetitions of 15' 'for each side - Lunge, opposite knee bent to the ground, tilt forward, keeping your shoulders straight, hands on knee before.

Doctor Yoann BOHU, Doctor Nicolas LEFEVRE, Doctor Serge HERMAN. - 16 février 2014.

Conflicts of interest: the author or authors have no conflicts of interest concerning the data published in this article.


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